Monday, October 26, 2009 Mention!

I am very excited to have been mentioned on! The article features an interview with Alissa & Rich who I had the pleasure of working with this past summer. I designed all of the papergoods for their "Vintage Rustic Chic" wedding including the Ceremony Programs, CD favors, Signage, and Itineraries. Check out the article!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Resurrecting an old love.

Once upon a time photography was my passion. If I was seen without my camera people would ask if something was wrong. I documented every thing, every event. It was even my major in college. But as time went on the cost of buying film and printing photos became burdensome. I also realized that I wasn't experiencing moments, just trying to capture them on film. So I shelved my cameras and they began collecting dust somewhere deep in my closet.

When digital cameras came onto the scene, like most photographers, I was against them staying true to the tradition of film cameras. Well, it's been about eight years now since digital became mainstream and I finally made the big leap!

I can now combine my love of digital art with my personal photography! How exciting!

Here are some images that I captured over the past week, would love to hear your thoughts!

More to come!