This is the blog of Graphic / Jewelry Designer Susan Joy Brownstein.


Susan Joy Brownstein, a Los Angeles native, has a background in photography, fine art, jewelry design, and graphic design. Her natural eye for color and composition developed at a young age and flourished in high school when she fell in love with the art of photography. Susan had her first taste of the graphic arts while attending a printmaking course at the University of California in Santa Barbara, where she learned modern and traditional printing techniques. This course left an impression on her while she continued on to study photography in London at the American Intercontinental University. Upon return to the states though, she pursued graphic design in her studies and finally as her career. Over a decade later Susan's passion has only grown and she continues to create fresh and bold designs for print, the world wide web, and events for small businesses and individuals. In addition to her Graphic Design career, Susan has a handcrafted jewelry line, available at local boutiques or through her website susanjoydesigns.com.